Saturday, 29 October 2011

He Smoked

Short hair, long cigar
Long hair, short cigar

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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Making Light Work of Quality Street

Dizzy Howard making light work of Quality Street

Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Art of Cooking

The Art of Cooking
(Serves one)

1 family sized tin of Quality Street sweets
1 courgette
1 green pepper
1 yellow pepper
1 tbs olive oil
Season with salt and pepper

Eat as many of the Quality Street as you can – preferably the entire tin - until you are physically sick. To prepare the sweet wrappers, separate the foil from the coloured film (each individual sweet wrapper). Discard the foil and carefully flatten the coloured wrappers out, individually.
Be sick, then lick, quickly lick each wrapper, before sticking them to the inside of the kitchen window (time is of the essence) making what is effectively a very pretty stain-glass window. Tip: try and be decorative with the pattern – coordinate the colours. Stand back and allow early morning sunlight to filter through sweet wrappers. Admire the sickly effect on the kitchen floor.
Cut the peppers and courgettes into bite-sized chunks; arrange them on a chopping board. At this point the chopping board effectively becomes an artist’s palette. Now comes the difficult bit: arrange the vegetables on the pallet in such a way that they colour and number correspond to the sickly sweet pattern on the floor. When you are satisfied that you have achieved this effect, pop the vegetables in the oven, and go and change into a suitable blouse for breakfast.