Friday, 9 April 2010

Bad-Press For Eugene

You can go years without hearing a bad word about Eugene. Then on the day you decide to change your name to Eugene, Eugene gets bad-press.
Guardian, 6th April 2010

Blow it, if it doesn’t happen again following morning: another Eugene in another newspaper: same bad-press. The concept of ‘handing yourself in’ is odd. How do you do it? Sit on your hands? It’s the ‘yourself bit’ that bothers me. Where, if they (the police) appealed for you to ‘hand a bit of yourself in’ – the bit that’s committed the crime - the offending bit... rapists would look-like real wankers. 

Western Mail, Wednesday, 7th April 2010

Opened the paper this morning: Malcolm McLaren’s dead. Tiger Woods is playing (well) in the ‘Open’, his first tournament appearance since being treated for sex-addiction. And a letter in the ‘Sexual healing’ column (more 'offending bits') starts off: “As a 40-year-old lesbian I’ve seen labia of many shapes and sizes, but have yet to see any as large as mine…” 

Guardian, 9Th April 2010

On the opposite page there’s an advert for a Bolshoi Opera production of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Oengin.  But it’s the Bolshoi Ballet’s production of Spartacus – with Ivan Vasilev dancing in the air - that catches my eye. 

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