Monday, 30 August 2010

Locked Bucket: Lock Up Your Waters

We came across a locked bucket. Neither of us had ever before encountered a bucket, locked. Except that is, say, in winter when a bucket’s full of water and the water’s frozen. But then, it isn’t the bucket but the water that’s locked: 'lock up your waters'. No, every bucket I’ve known (seen) up until now has been a Free Bucket - unattached. Funny, finding this one so ‘attached’, when we were on our first date, on a country walk. Do you believe in signs? I thought. Would have been a stupid thing to say – could have been taken the wrong way. The railings not only enchained the bucket, they imprisoned it. And you always associate buckets with prison cells.
Imagine a couple arguing, arguing over who lost the keys to the bucket: “I’ve not got them, you were the last person to lock it”. Or worse, before they go to bed at night: “Are you sure you’ve locked the bucket?”
I know, I’m going to buy a load of locks - bicycle locks – and carry them on country walks, and whenever I see a bucket I’m going to lock it and throw away the key. No, I know. I’m going to give my love a locked bucket to wear as a locket: a Chastity Bucket. 

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