Monday, 11 April 2011

Le Sausage Sauvage

Walking, talking to myself (not rambling) in Old Eridge Park, East Sussex, on my way to Eridge Rocks, I spy a bivouac in the landscape – someone camping sauavge. Seen from a distance – through a screen of trees – the bivouacer appears to be reclining on one elbow, enjoying the early morning vista from the comfort of his/her mummy sleeping bag. I love a good night ‘out’ myself - under the stars, away from the cars – and I’m always up for a sleeping bag tutorial - so I make my way over for a chat.
But how can I chat to that? It’s not a bivouac but the debris of a picnic. But it had a word for me: closer inspection revealed a bag, not a sleeping bag but white paper bag with the SAUSAGE written on it. Not a bivouacer but a banger. What appeared to be le camping sauavage turned out to be a sausage. 

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