Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rocking Chair

Self-timer - at the start of the affair
Self-timer - at the end of the affair - two years later
Same boulder.
In between times (we were miles apart), I lay on this rock more than I lay on her.
Next to the rock stands rock chair. 
I'm thinking of The Flintstones, I'm thinking of Buster Keaton in a rocking chair, in Beckett’s only movie, Film (1964). As Keaton rocks opposite a denuded wall, he examines seven photographs, all of him: 1. 6 months old - in his mother’s arms 2. 4 years old – kneeling in an attitude of prayer 3. 15 years old - in his school blazer teaching a dog to beg 4. 20 years old – in his graduation gown receiving a scroll 5. 21 years old – arm around his fiancĂ© 6. 26 years old – a newly enlisted man with a little girl in his arms 7. 30 years old – looking 40 with a patch over one eye and looking grim. He spends twice as long looking at 5 and 6 before ripping up the lot.       

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