Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Shale Guevara

Che-ify the garden path, execute your own shale Guevara. If they can Che-ify a coffee - with cinnamon - in Cuba, you can shale-ify a Guevara, in a front garden in London, even though you don’t live there. You’re just passing by when it catches your eye, Alberto Korda’s ionic image of the revolutionary, taken in 1960, the most famous photograph in the world… binned.
Ring the doorbell to make sure nobody’s home, before fixing your eyes on the rubbish bag, and arranging the white stones. While you work, repeat the mantra: Stone by stone, white on black, bricolage the visage of the guerrilla in the orange sack.
And if you’ve done your work well, when the homeowner’s return, they’ll find what they’ve binned, cloned: their garden path Che-shale-ified… stoned.   

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