Saturday, 25 September 2010

Post Anticipation

Those pants (see last blog), with their washing-up glove gusset - that strangely stitched together combo – anonymously, stuffed through my letterbox the other day – has alerted me to something that ‘I knew but didn’t know I knew', regarding the disparate relationship between washing-up gloves and pants.
Years ago (in the mid 1980s) I responded to two – unrelated - photographic briefs. The first brief (quite understandably) involved pants, and its aim was to illustrate the slippery relationship, between Water Diviners and Y-fronts. 
The second brief said, Illustrate the saying: ‘Hand in Glove’. This, I interoperated with a washing-up glove. Both subjects – pants and glove – were modeled - or in the case of the pants, ‘dropped’ - by the same model, at the same location - a rocky outcrop – on separate occasions.
It's as if these – at the time, unrelated – briefs, anticipated my Post (of a few days ago); predicted what would come - stitched together as one - through my letterbox, a quarter of a century later. Perhaps the glove sewn into the gusset of the pants is - like some futuristic time-traveler’s underwear - a message from the ‘Briefs of yesteryear’. It's as if the Y-fronts had 'divined my own destiny', and this disparate meeting - of pants and rubber, post, past and future, latex, letterbox, and outcrops - may even have given birth to a new theory – albeit, one based on contradiction - Post Anticipation

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