Monday, 4 October 2010

Andy and Jimmy Taking Tea and Cake (DoubleTake)

Andy Warhol visits Jimmy Savile for afternoon tea and cake: Blonde on blonde? No, they’ve both got white hair (Andy’s is a wig). Look at the way the curtains cut Jimmy’s hair. The mirror cuts Andy’s in almost the same place. I’ve always wondered what kind of cake it is that Andy’s holding? And if you are thinking a high security mental hospital is a strange place for this duo to meet, think again. When Broadmoor was opened in 1863 it drew attention to the poor conditions in British asylums such as the infamous Bethlehem Hospital, which was known as ‘Bedlam’. This is how - on 6th June 1968 - ‘The Village Voice’ reported the aftermath of the shooting of Andy Warhol, by Factory Actress, Valerie Solanis. “When she finally came through the door, her hands were cuffed behind her back, it was bedlam. Photographers climbed behind the booking desk, elbowing cops out of the way. While police tried to book her, she poised and smiled for photographers”.  

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