Friday, 22 October 2010

Bird's-Eye View

Walking in the Black Forest (cuckoo clock country), I pass a mountain hut - but it looks more like a bird box. Later – deeper in the forest – I come upon a second hut. This hut houses a bird’s nest. The bird has a spider for a next-door-neighbour. Both homes are empty – they must be out at work. I work out. I work out the best way to photograph the nest, is by hanging – spider-like – from the overhanging roof of the hut. It is from this position – part bird, part spider, that I photograph the nest and web.
Then, I house my camera in the bird’s nest, set the self-timer and let the nest photograph me in the position I photographed the nest from: a bird’s-eye view of a wildlife photographer – part-bird, part-spider.

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