Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Puffy, Puffing Crotch: Perfect Match

I traced the pipe and I traced the crotch, separately, - again and again - slightly moving the pipe each time until the puffy crotch faced the pipe, and sucked on it.
The type of pipe: a Half-Bent Dublin. Magritte’s painting, ‘The Treachery Of Dreams’ (“This is not a pipe”) features the same type of pipe, and that other famous Belgian, Simenon’s Chief Inspector Maigaret, smoked a large, slightly curved briar, “ a large pipe which harmonised with his heavy face… this pipe was on the same scale as his broad face… the heavy silhouette of Maigaret, whose pipe, at times, at a certain angle, seemed immense, almost as large as his head.”
When I reversed my puffy crotch smoking pipe tracings and transposed them onto the face of the knitting pattern model – with no adjustment to the scale – the pattern of his crotch matched the pattern of his face: a puffy crotch, but a perfect match.     

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