Sunday, 14 November 2010

Queuing For My Own Concept

I attempt to repeat my ‘Time-Stands Still’ concept (see last blog) – my experiment of a quarter of a century ago: to take a photograph of a two-timing, pipe-puffing, three-faced, carving of a clock-bearer, twice a day, for a week, at the exact times indicated by three stopped-clocks he’s peddling. Day One. I turn up to take a photograph at 10.04 am, but there’s a queue. 
Put out, I’m back at 2.35 (a deliberate miss-reading of 7.11, but I couldn’t stand the wait), only to find myself in a queue again. I found myself in the strange position of having to queue for my own concept. Horrible, when the world and his wife gets the same idea as you, and you find yourself having to queue to view what you already knew.

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