Friday, 24 December 2010

Liz And Burton Back Together

He dressed his first (real) girlfriend up as his grandmother, and proposed to her in a derelict house, where her dressing gown married the wallpaper (both wore a flower).
In the absence of a wedding photographer, he took a photograph of her reading the newspaper: the front page celebrated yet another getting-back-together: Richard Burton and Liz Taylor.
What was he thinking, taking a picture predicting what? Everlasting coupledoom? His grandmother was only 16. She turned him down.  
I’m going to his fiftieth birthday tomorrow; says his life’s sorted. ‘No wife and kids in tow’. Two – to my knowledge – aborted. But in that old ‘Grandgirlmother’ photo, it’s as if he took ‘the view’ he was waiting to grow into; like, it was something he already knew, but didn’t know he knew; saw it in embryo.
He became a successful interior designer, and set up home with a woman old enough to be his grandmother’s daughter: but never say, 'old enough to be his mother'.  

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