Saturday, 7 May 2011

Interview With A Dog-Water Reporter (part two)

Q. “During the course of your research you must have encountered a good many unmarked - un-dogged - dog water bowls. Do you carry a marker pen? Have you ever been tempted to ‘DOG’ tag them?”
A. “No, I’m a documentary photographer. My job is to detect not direct; I report on not write on. I’ve never attempted to play God with the word dog.”
Q. “A dogumentary photographer even?”
A. “Sometimes I have to stop myself labelling puddles. For this reason I never go dog-water reporting with chalk on my person.
Q. How do you spend your time when you’re not out detecting dog’s water?”
A. “Rock-climbing on the chalk cliffs of the South East Coast of England – Beachy Head, Dover – where I always carry chalk even though I we use ice axes and crampons: I treat the chalk as if it were ice.”
Q. “Frozen water?”
A. “Yes, I’ve seen many a dog’s drinking bowl frozen over, but I never break the ice. Frozen dog water bowls make excellent skating rinks for lice. ‘Dog lice On Ice’ - someone should do TV documentary, no, give it more of a 'soap' treatment. I’m thinking more along the lines of 'high art' - of photographing lice skating - with a macro lens - on a large format camera - and selling the images to the Lowry Museum, in Salford”

To be continued...

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