Monday, 13 June 2011


I’m not up to much at the moment, so let’s go back a couple of summers. The point of being at the caravan site at Lydstep Point, West Wales, that blue afternoon, was to compare the x-rated pinnacle, on the cover of Extreme Golf, with the x-rated pinnacle that is Lydstep Point. And look, yes, they were very similar, I’m glad I arranged the marriage.
But another meeting took place on The Point that afternoon. There was another point to me being at the point: the real point? I bumped into a blonde, on the cliff-top, where we quickly got talking about my x's. Now, two years later, I'm her exe. I've spent much of the last twenty four months trying to persuade her to change her surname to Hammer (it has a similar ring about it to her first name). A chance encounter with a Hammer - X marks the spot. Ours is the more amazing tale, but I hate confessional blogs, so I’ll talk about my x-rated project – the wrong reason for being in the right place.

To be continued…

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