Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Unzipped And Loaded

The shoot could have taken place in any one of two possible locations, both, real functioning golf courses. One, a golf course shaped like pistol, the other a golf course in the shape of an unzipped penis. Luckily a train-track zips its way across the golf-course-penis, look, in just the right place. The latter was chosen. And much has been written about the phallic symbolism of guns, but we don’t have the space to dwell on it here.
However it’s important not to loose sight of the relationship between the inside-out pocket (in the last blog) and the phallic golf course, as this formed the bridge between drawing and shoot (and you have first to draw a gun in order to shoot). The pistol-shaped golf course gave me the idea of using a water pistol on golf course - a course that when viewed from the air, resembles an unzipped, albeit flaccid, penis.
To be continued… 

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