Sunday, 10 June 2012

Drawing On A Dirty Habit

In the days before I could afford cigars, I made a couple of drawings, showing how cigarettes could be converted into cheroots. All you have to do is attach a cigarette to the pannier rack at the back of your bike (the bike has to be sans mudguards), then ride along a muddy track. It’s purely cosmetic of course, but so are mudpack facepacks. They advertise a mudpack-therapy for scars, so why not a mud-packed luggage-rack treatment to tan cigarettes into cigars? The cigarettes could be batch converted on the rack at the back of the bike – similar to the way you grill sausages on a barbeque, or toast bread under the grill – and like the sausages, you have to turn the cigarettes every so often to get them an even brown. And everybody knows smoking is a dirty habit.

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