Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Why Not Make Toilet Downpipes Out Of Clear Plastic?

Why not make toilet downpipes out of clear plastic?
Thus the colon less spastic.
I said to the Dyno-rod man,
Swallowing lunch, in his van.

You could spot the blockage straight away,
See how far down the side of the house it’s got,
No call-out fee to pay,
Act accordingly whilst it’s still hot.

He said, that’s manor from heaven for guttersnipes,
You’ll soon attract slime.
Cleanse your system of clear-downpipes,
Stop courting crime.

Burglars, they’ll sit outside your house,
Watch your downpipe from the comfort of their Capri,
Where any darkening of the clear plastic
Will be crystal for them to see.

Say the pipe’s been vacant for a day or two.
They’d break in and burgle you.
Shit on your bed, instead of the loo.

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