Thursday, 17 June 2010

Crime To Play

A courting couple, caught in the headlights. The discovery of a body, a Sunday school teacher. She had been strangled under the fleet carpet-fitter’s fingers, with a to Die for style that’s fresh as paint." You can see up her skirt (she’s wearing stockings, not tights). This was the start of a sixteen-week murder hunt. Before it had finished police had analysed 50 paint clippings, 35 pieces of car carpet, a pixilated penguin, and the wedding of a painted doll.
The ‘breakthrough clue’ that caught the murder - he was only 10 when he made a public appearance with an accordion band at the Bristol Ideal Home Exhibition, before going on to be, among other things: plumber’s mate, barman and a Butlins redcoat - was a small fleck of paint found on the inside of the girl’s skirt. 

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