Monday, 14 June 2010

My Name In Lights: My Fame In Tights

My name in lights
My fame (frame) in tights
In his poem Fernhill, Dylan Thomas was ‘famous among the barns’. Here, I’m famous among the golf holes: ‘reaching new heights, in laddered tights’. Unbeknown to golfers I go climbing on a golf course in gussetless tights. The greens are all holed. Why not?
Ignore me I’m about to fall, take your eyes off my tights and try to spot the ball. 
Look closely at the two golfers; the one on the right - who looks like a hoodie - is holding the flag, whilst the bent figure on the left (under the leaf) is attempting to hole a putt. Neither is aware of me, up high, my head in a hole in the rock. 
This flag-holding, hole-putting scene is played out the same, day after day. Here's the same scene on the same golf green (but from another point of view) in the 1930's, when plus fours were more fashionable than tights. 

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