Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Lunch of Flowers

I thought I saw Bette Davis watering Eccles cakes. How I was I sure it was she? The way she had her hand in her back pocket - ‘Bette Davis style’. When it comes down to it, so much comes down to just a gesture, a simple gesture; and I hadn’t visited the badgers for ages, and I always take flowers when I pay a visit on the badgers. I go in the bakery next to the florists. Greg’s in Greggs: “I’d like a lunch of flowers, a bunch fit for badgers; I’ve got to learn to give: down, down, down where the badgers live”. 

I arrive at the badger sett armed with six Eccles cakes and twenty-four finger-rolls, but there’s nobody about. Now I’ve never been to a flower arranging class, but I carry a photo in my wallet, a photograph of clematis climbing round the front door of a 1930’s semi (a lost photo I found in a forest). I could work from that. Luckily the badgers had done most of the work; the stems were already there – formed by the way they drag long grass into their sett for their beds. All I had to do was add the flower heads (bed-heads?). 

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