Friday, 2 July 2010

Wing Mirrors Wannabe Bats

Wing mirrors enable us to see blind spots. But in this game of Vespa ping-pong (a blind sport?) you don't even have to see the wing as wong: wing mirrors are wannabe bats. Bats can't see, and the initials for table tennis are TT, and the TT Races are the annual Isle Of Man motorcycle race. The racecourse - along public roads - is peppered with accident 'black spots'. Since it was first staged in 1907, the Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) races have claimed 227 lives. 
B.A.T stands for British American Tobacco and Murcielago is a Mexican cigar brand. A lot of people refer to this cigar as "The Bat". Murchielago is the Spanish word for a bat.  The Cigar Smokers Journal, when reviewing the Murcielago in a blind tasting, stated: "the cigar burned uneven at first with one side burning faster than the other. This was due to the soft spots I felt on the side of the cigar." 

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  1. Interesting connections being made as ever. I would like to take a bat to the twat who keeps depriving me of the ability to see my blind spots.