Sunday, 18 July 2010

Semaphore d'amour

Semaphore: from Ancient Greek (sema) “sign”, and (phoros), “bearing, bearer”.
The Problem
The grid method’s optional, but focus on couples this time. When out shooting, try to capture the special kind of semaphore used by couples to convey information visually, the 'semaphore d'amour'. Try to forget some of the more negative literal terms often applied to coupledoom, like “she did things behind his back”, or, “he showed his true colours”. And don’t turn the domestic home front into a battlefield - flags and camouflage and all. No, think of the couples not only as ‘bearers' of signs’, ‘but as wearers' of signs’. 
And finally, if the wife of a dog-walking couple appears more married to their mutt’s Frizbee – more colour coordinated, turquoise mated to the dog’s Frizbee – than to her husband, cut off their heads and go with it. 

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