Wednesday, 5 January 2011

It Was My Leg I Broke

In hospital: the physiotherapists, they stretched me, but my dad - when he visited - he’d sketch me. Model patient? I don’t think so. He’s my dad, knows I'm a man - he made me, but look: he drew me (reproduced me?) as a woman. No – a transvestite: a trannie in traction with an erection: it was my leg, not my dick I broke.
This kind of mistake, it could happen by accident in a photograph – telegraph poles growing out of heads and so on - but it shouldn’t be going on in a drawing; where every mark is deliberately made, and can be erased if it looks wrong
Look. Consider this drawing: a military man on a camp bed, with a snake on his lap. Two things stand out: (1) The military man maybe on a camp bed, but he doesn’t look at all in any way, ‘camp’. (2) The said man has a snake on his lap, but the snake, it doesn’t signify a dick. Maybe I was a model patient after all? And the model patient’s situation was a frightful one. 

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