Saturday, 8 January 2011


Two ‘found’ images: a postcard of a rock-face; Samson's Ribs, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, with the university student halls of residence in the foreground (circa 1975), and an illustration from a Boy Scouts Annual (1940). Both images are connected; the original intentions of both have been usurped. Usurper: a type of snake? If it isn’t it should be.
A Boy Scout appears to be pulling a girl – a Girl Guide: guiding a Girl Guide to her death? And a student bedroom ejaculates ectoplasm (in reality, an abrasion on the postcard’s surface) across ‘Samson’s Ribs’. 
It is also interesting to note the similarity between the slant of the ‘pulled Guide’ and the slant of the bedroom windows. But these snake-like usurpers - when considered side-by-side - are in turn usurped by the correspondence between the outlines of the cliffs (in backgrounds of both images).
Samson's Ribs
Girl Guided (pulling a girl?)

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