Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Blue-Sky Thinking

I walk down off the South Downs into Lewes. On entering the town the first building I encounter is the castle-like Lewes Prison. After admiring the real castle I pass Swan Vistas, Jonathan Swan’s jewelry workshop (Google it if you don’t believe me). I stop for lunch at The Swan Inn. I feel sorry for the swan on the pub sign: she’s chained-up, and her plight’s made worse by the fact that there are doves (free as birds) sunning themselves the roof immediately behind her. Then just as I’m photographing the pub-sign, a loud siren sounds out from the direction of the prison: an escape attempt? The siren causes the doves to take flight, and I have an idea.
The thing to do is facilitate collaboration between Jonathan Swan’s jewelry workshop in Lewis and the Her Majesty's Prison, Lewes, towards the mass-production of swan key rings. Blue-Sky thinking. Keynote thinking: Swans belong to Her Majesty, and prisoners are locked-up at Her Majesty’s pleasure: swan key-chains, why not? Unless all the prisoners really have taken flight…

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