Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Warmer Than Hot Water Bottles

I quicken my pace – I’m getting warmer - a car looking almost as blue as its parking space.  The car’s parked next to a tree and the tree’s wrapped in some kind of raffia matting and is supported by wooden stakes - one of which is marked – painted – with a dash of parking-spot-blue paint.
There’s a photograph (a not-wanted poster?) attached to the tree. The photograph depicts the very same tree it’s on/of, except, in the photograph there are two blue bags parked on the grass beneath the tree. The bags are the blue of the parking-space markings – the blue I’m searching for in a car – and they have a red cross through them, banning blue bag parking in blue parking spaces. First they ban hot water bottles in doorways, now this! What is it with the Swiss?  

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