Thursday, 17 March 2011

Weighing Machine Impersonating A Golf Green

Near some empty blue parking spaces I come across a bed sleeping next to a weighing machine: a weighing machine impersonating a golf green? I weigh myself - 62kgs - it works! But it’s the wrong kind of green – the grass is greener, so I carry on down the strasse, but before I encounter my next blue car (in a blue bay) I’m overcome with nostalgia for golf (even though I’ve never hit a ball). I return to the weighing machine, jump up and down on the springy bed beside it: I’m a golf ball bouncing on a trampoline. Then, like a golf ball pitching on a green - I score a hole-in-one - I land the weighing machine, sending the scales off the scale. I leave them forever fixed on 40kgs.
I continue with a bounce in my step. I’ve been destructive, now let’s be constructive, and in no time at all I spy another blue car parked in a blue spot. But (yet again) it’s the wrong kind of blue... it's almost green, but the wrong kind of green, too. 

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