Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Between A Table Tennis Table And The Pea Green Sea

Diving boards don’t as many believe originate from ironing boards, they were conceived from the distant cousin of the ironing board the table tennis table. Look at the evidence (the photograph): the ping-pong ball head, the table tennis-green colour of the figure, and the water (sea) is created simply by straightening out the net, as nets have long been commonplace in the sea. Paddles are also associated with water, and what’s a table tennis bat if not a paddle by another name? In the 1890s the Parker brothers began manufacturing an Indoor Table Tennis Kit that included a portable net, a small ball covered in netting, and paddles. And if you slap your stomach with a table tennis bat you get a painful sensation (and sound) akin to the dreaded ‘belly-flop’. And don’t you pop-up ‘like a ping-pong’ ball after diving into to deep water? And another thing: it’s important to bend your knees when taking off to dive: table tennis tables too have folding legs.

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