Thursday, 12 April 2012

Friable And Unplayable

How I Take Certain of My Photographs (after Roussel)
I’ve always been meaning to explain the way in which I take certain of my photographs - certain images that suggest a narrative. I am always mindful not to include a beginning (reason for/why) in my photographs. All photographs are the “end” – the resolution - of a story. Mine often start at the end and end in the middle. I choose a subject linked by two almost identical words (reminiscent of metagams), for example, friable and unplayable (in the case of this table-tennis table I could have also used table and unstable). The two words found, it was a case of taking a photograph that would contain a foreground of the first word (friable - the end of the table), and a middle ground of the second word (unplayable – the state of the table).

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