Friday, 2 October 2009

The new term is about to begin with a module on molehill management. I'm not looking forward to it, but at least i'll be able to get out on the course again (its great to study a course that actually, like literally takes place on a course). I sometimes wonder if golf courses are the last 'real' countryside. Been sorting all my balls out for the new term. As golf course management students (I'm in year 6) we are encouraged to find and collect as many lost golf balls as we can because we are assessed on them (I'll tell you more about the assessment procedure, aims and objectives and learning outcomes, another time). The total amount, condition and presentation of a students ball collection to his/her tutor can make the difference between a 2:1 and a tutu.

Oh look at this photo of a tutu i snapped on the train back to uni. Tutu train, tutu train, golf balls on the brain. It was all the matching, clashing greens that caught my eye. Look, I'm already in study mode because I thought that speck of white on the floor by her foot was a golf ball. But it turned out to be just a scrap of paper. I picked it up anyway (force of habit). It was some kind of label saying DETACHABLE SCARF. I've still got it. And aren't all scarfs or is it scarves, detachable? Imagine a non detachable scarf - having to wear just one scarf, the same scarf all your life. Always hanging off you, night and day, until death. I suppose it's like having a scar, and I've got enough of those (internal and external). This non detachable scarf, how would it be advertised?  TO BE WORN FOR LIFE - THE SCAR SCARF. You'd get sick of the colour. Mine would be green. I'm often found in the long grass searching for golf balls  (even though I've never hit a golf ball myself). Sometimes, when I'm down I release golf balls secretly (out of my trouser leg) - make secret secretions of golf balls on busses and trains.

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