Monday, 19 October 2009

A Sight For Sore Headlights

I’ve just received a communiqué from a friend. He said although he’d really connected with yesterday’s piece (“If I Drew It I’d Have To Do It”), it needed something Moore (sic). So here’s Sir Roger as “The Saint” (1962 - 71). I recall the opening credits - a halo appears to hover above Simon Templar’s (Sir Roger’s) head; in fact I can still hum the theme tune. “The Saint” didn’t inspire my religious drawings, but there could be a connection between Sir Roger’s signature feature – his legendary ‘eyebrow to camera control’, and my drawing “Elbow in an Eye-bath”.  

I was still at kindergarten, a fat child drawing stick figures, when “The Saint” was airing. Let’s get back to the now. I stepped onto the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer first thing this morning. Look at me (a CV?).

 Look at that; I’m 12.3% fat. But this hasn’t always been the case. For years, I’d park in ‘lovers lanes’ and do things with lard. I suppose those quiet, out of the way places have all turned into Dogging Spots (from Beauty Spots to Dogging Spots).

Would I go back? I don't have a car. Perhaps I should just turn up on foot with a Spotted Dalmatian and a block of lard. That would be a sight for sore headlights. Headlights, hell, we’ve come full circle back to the halo!

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